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Step #1: Start Watching the Videos

Go to the button that says "Video Lessons 1-6" - Go to Week 1: Weigh Down Basics and click the play arrow.  Each entire lesson is approximately 25 minutes and is broken up into chapters. Repeat each week with the next lesson.

Each lesson is designed to provide you with very sensitive and perspective heart information that was given to Founder, Gwen Shamblin, not only from the Father, but also from the great numbers of joyful participants, who have lost hundreds of pounds and kept it off by using these principles.  The videos are packed with information and are intended to be watched over and over.  You will hear something "new" each time.  So relax, enjoy and learn at your own rate.

Step #2: Journalize your experience as God leads you.

Need a journal? Purchase Your Copy HERE.

Step #3: Record prayer requests and God's answers as they occur.

Weigh Down At Home on DVDBy watching these videos and reading through this website as God leads you during the week, you will become more and more grounded on the Rock so that nothing moves you from total obedience to Him. There is not a formula or schedule for this material, but rather a constant focus on God and being led by His Spirit.  Find things throughout the week that help you with this focus on God’s will and keep you off of yourself, such as music or other materials.  If you have the need or desire for more resources, visit our online store HERE.  Most importantly, find the fellowship of like-minded believers who will continue to challenge you and convict you as you live to please only the Father, just as Jesus did (John 14:31).
BibleThe most important tool you will use during this study is your Bible.  The scripture references in the class videos, compact discs, and student guide of the EXODUS series are from the Holy Bible, New International Version (NIV). We strongly recommend that you also use the NIV version during this study.  (Call Weigh Down Ministries at 1-800-844-5208 or visit our store at to get a new Bible to mark scriptures in.)
Please use every element of this seminar as a tool for breaking free from living for yourself, so that every cell in your body will be completely surrendered to its Creator. As you begin to submit your will to God’s will, you may find yourself tempted to run back to your old love—maybe out of habit or out of fear that God won’t supply your needs.  Remember that those are the most important times to turn and run instead to God—in prayer, by reading from His Word, listening to your compact discs, reviewing your student materials, or journaling your thoughts.  You may feel this passion up to 20 times a day, finding yourself running to God each time. Wonderful!  He does answer prayer—although it is always n His time, not ours. Be patient and know that your efforts will be rewarded. It is this constant dependence upon God that will reveal to you how very loving and capable He is.  We must turn from the world and come back home to our Father!


Raising Godly Children is a cornerstone teaching of the Remnant Fellowship Churches and our children are a testimony to the world. Watch this short video on the teachings that have been changing families for the better as every age group has been learning to love God and trust Him more and more.

To learn more about what Remnant Fellowship teaches about raising Godly children, click HERE for the full version.

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