Greetings! My name is Gwen Shamblin, and there is hope for you. I want to give you a little history so that you can understand the philosophy behind this unique approach to permanent weight loss - a true freedom from the desire to overeat at 10:00 at night when no one is looking. Our goal is to help you discover how to Rise Above that Magnetic Pull of the Refrigerator. 

The International Weigh Down Workshop, Inc., was officially founded in 1986, hitting the dieting world with authority with a program that was - and still is -- "revolutionary!" This now a 28-year-old faith-based weight loss program re-established the idea of turning to God for help - an age-old concept that had been abandoned in the '60s, '70s and '80s. The principles taught in Weigh Down help people end unwanted greed for food by utilizing the body's natural hunger and fullness cues -- or portion and volume control -- as the boundaries for eating; Weigh Down then teaches how to refocus so that one can truly break away from the desire to overeat.

Weigh Down offices are headquartered in Franklin, Tennessee, reaching out on a global level through various Weigh Down websites, YouTube, Internet radio, and worldwide online seminar classes that are in session year-round.

Welcome to a revolutionary weight loss program that has withstood the test of time and has yielded permanent results. Through the seminars and the best-selling book,
The Weigh Down Diet, this program has reached millions, and the statistics are unprecedented. These results are not to be found at any medical clinic or weight loss facility in the world. Any program can possibly produce a few testimonies of people that happened to lose weight, but no other program has produced hundreds of testimonies who have kept large amounts of weight off for three, five, or even over ten years! Yes, something is very different here, and it should give you much hope! The testimonies you meet on our websites or in our materials are everyday people just like yourself; they had tried everything possible to lose weight...only to gain back even more. But they tried one more program: Weigh Down. And they have now learned the secret of how to turn to God for help on His terms. It truly makes all the difference. 
If you need any encouragement on your weight loss journey, the Weigh Down toll free line 800-844-5208 is staffed with knowledgable counselors, who can encourage you and help troubleshoot no matter what your situation is.  

With love for the Father and you,

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